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The rules of gameplay are based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder, except where as noted below.

Roll Rules


d20 system

Nat 20 is always success, Nat 1 is always fail. Three 20s in a row on attack rolls kills opponent; three 1s in a row kills you; a 1, 20, 1, kills a friendly; a 1, 20, 20, kills a unintended opponent; a 1, 1 deals double crit damage to a friendly; a 1, 1, 20 causes double normal crit damage to yourself; Two 20s does double normal crit damage to opponent, BUT a 20, 20, 1 deals normal crit damage.


Role Rules






(Lists by Playing Tips)


Skills are any ability that a character has and can improve upon. Basic skills are things that everyone can do to some degree, Advanced skills are things that not everyone can do, these include knowledge and combat, engineering, sailing, etc. Each time a skill is used, points are gained towards advancing that skill's rank (instead of gaining ranks at each level, ranks are gained as a skill is used).


Each spell requires an amount of power from one or more Sources. Like Skills, a character gains in magical abilities the more each Source is accessed, and for each spell used. Every time a character uses a spell five times, they gain one additional point they can spend in that spell to make it more powerful. When a Source is used ten times, the character gains one additional point they can spend on that Source per day. The more you use a spell the more powerful you can make it, and gain access to more powerful spells within a Source.

Spells that do damage or heal increase the dice results by the number of points spent on the damaging or healing Source of the spell. More powerful spells, that have more damage or healing die also have more extra points of damage or healing based on the points required to use the spell and any extras that are spent.