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Because not everything on here was made by me, I figured I should give credit where credit is due.

I don't have references for every image that I've used that isn't mine, but I will try to as best as possible. Some of the images I've grabbed from DeviantArt do have their author's username, some do not, and images from Wallbase/Wallhaven don't have credits. But again, I will try to give credit when I can. I don't want anything thought of as stolen, just inspired by.

Also listed are programs and websites that I've used during the creation of this project.


Programs Used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Muse
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft OneNote

Other Links





Web Host

  • Interserver - Unlimited WebHosting for $5/mo Price Lock

Google Docs

these were made by other people, copied to my account by general permission from the creators.

Images Used

NOTE: I do not own these images in any way, they are for inspiration purposes only and are not exactly what my world looks like, but close enough to get the imagination flowing. If I have the artist's information I will supply links to them for credit. I don't want to think of these as stolen, just "I'm inspired by these for this place." Here's me trying to give credit where credit is due. I'll try to get all of these direct linked.

  • Metal texture by Beyn on DeviantArt
  • Another_world_by_merl1ncz on DeviantArt
  • Bridge_town_matte_painting_by_matellis on DeviantArt
  • Bloodstone_oasis_by_noahbradley on DeviantArt
  • Genies_by_merkwurdigliebe13 on DeviantArt
  • Ruin_by_jOuey
  • God_of_war_ascension__canyon_multi_player_arena_by_jungpark on DeviantArt
  • Alm_atias_refuge_by_andreasrocha on DeviantArt
  • The_desert_by_atomhawk on DeviantArt
  • A_perfect_day_to_fish_by_pencil_guy on DeviantArt
  • A_forest_castle_by_jerry8448 on DeviantArt
  • Tudor_river_city_by_appylon on DeviantArt
  • Cold_place_by_frankatt on DeviantArt
  • Milltown_by_jjpeabody on DeviantArt
  • Main_town_by_iidanmrak on DeviantArt
  • The_realm_of_the_frost_giants_by_reneaigner on DeviantArt
  • Open_glacier_by_multiimage on DeviantArt
  • Ar_nat_village_ii_by_andreasrocha on DeviantArt
  • Age of Conan
  • Hidden_land___speed_paint_by_Blinck on DeviantArt
  • Coastal_Temle_by_Prasa on DeviantArt
  • Leaping_fish_tavern_by_daroz on DeviantArt
  • Concept__practice2_by_ivany86 on DeviantArt
  • A_city_besieged_by_neisbeis on DeviantArt
  • _thor2__redsteam_2d_enviro_vanaheim_lv3_wip01_by_0bo on DeviantArt
  • Silvernai__snow_fortress_by_noiprox on DeviantArt
  • A_girl_and_a_forest_by_blinck on DeviantArt
  • Here_be_dragons___traveler_by_noiprox on DeviantArt
  • Land_of_maples_and_pumpkins_by_Radojavor on DeviantArt
  • Oz_EmeraldCity_by_jermilex on DeviantArt
  • Red_Tree_by_jessyv on DeviantArt
  • Asgard_by_Nurkhular on DeviantArt
  • Landscape_by_ourlak on DeviantArt
  • Castle_overview_by_vonmurder
  • Concept_art_for____the_first_te_by_sabin_boykinov on DeviantArt
  • Arctic_shipwreck_by_merl1ncz on DeviantArt
  • Albesila_concept_2_by_artozi on DeviantArt
  • Dust_and_ashes_by_blinck on DeviantArt
  • Guardian_Lions_by_Gaius31duke on DeviantArt
  • Arab_penthouse_by_AndreeWallin
  • Abandoned_city_by_poibuts on DeviantArt
  • Bridge_city_concept_by_arsenixc on DeviantArt
  • Bridge_to_vast_by_garretaj on DeviantArt
  • First_love_by_rhineville on DeviantArt
  • Islands_by_snowskadi on DeviantArt
  • Beginning_of_a_great_journey_by_frankatt on DeviantArt
  • Bridge_city_concept_by_arsenixc on DeviantArt
  • Odalisque_by_marcsimonetti on DeviantArt
  • City_of_azeria_by_gamefan84 on DeviantArt
  • Fog_over_the_water_by_fel_x
  • Atlantis_by_UnidColor on DeviantArt
  • Island_by_noahbradley on Deviant Art
  • Meletis__theros__by_adampaquette on DeviantArt
  • Between_the_empires_by_frankatt on DeviantArt
  • Decrees_of_fate_by_jcbarquet on DeviantArt
  • Coast___le_dernier_bastion_by_skavenzverov on DeviantArt
  • Hike_____by_Raphael_Lacoste
  • Cavetown_by_VityaR83
  • Barrin_lake_barracks_by_garretaj on DeviantArt
  • Battlegrounds_of_eldhe_background_by_dimarinski on DeviantArt
  • The_dark_temple_by_klauspillon on DeviantArt
  • Albesila_concept_3_by_artozi on DeviantArt
  • Albesila_concept_2_by_artozi on DeviantArt
  • Great_Wall_for_Descent_by_feliciacano
  • The_Fortress_Of_Dros_Delnoch_by_Gaius31duke on DeviantArt
  • Gothic_castle_by_jungpark on DeviantArt
  • A_song_of_fire_and_ice__wall_by_MarcSimonetti
  • Bluee_hills_and_rocks_by_rav89 on DeviantArt
  • Above_the_treetops_by_rossipoo on DeviantArt
  • Location_northern_village_by_CG_Zander on DeviantArt
  • Landscape_by_jonathandufresne on DeviantArt
  • Obobop_by_sarya on DeviantArt
  • Beacons_by_snowskadi on DeviantArt
  • Island_by_noahbradley
  • Habor_with_ship__commission__by_jjpeabody on DeviantArt
  • 199a_by_izonbi on DeviantArt
  • Beautifully_lost_by_dinmoney on DeviantArt
  • Across_the_blank_and_to_the____by_JohnPowell on DeviantArt
  • Nedar Aist Ruins dry river by haryarti on DeviantArt
  • remidubois on DeviantArt
  • Peaceful kingdom by andreasrocha on DeviantArt
  • Forestfb by ninjatic on DeviantArt
  • Automne by pe'travers on DeviantArt
  • Strange places 2 by ramsesmelendeze on DeviantArt
  • Guardian of the mountain by siakim on DeviantArt
  • Colossal by DerMonkey on DeviantArt
  • Atlantean_Chasm_by_ZackF on DeviantArt and at the url listed on the image
  • Forgotten graveyard by molybdenumgp03 on DeviantArt
  • Paradise_2_by_artcobain on DeviantArt
  • Cold warm and snowy by blinck on DeviantArt
  • Cold warm and snowy by blinck on DeviantArt
  • Kind of eastern village by MCfrog on DeviantArt
  • Forsaken kingdom by maxd art on DeviantArt
  • Secret valley by alayna on DeviantArt
  • Chi by SnowSkadi on DeviantArt
  • Secret of the abandoned land by camilkuo on DeviantArt
  • Cultures of nerath by samburley on DeviantArt
  • Land of amazons by jcbarquet on DeviantArt
  • Wallpaper-2766115 on
  • Abandoned serpentcity room 2 by 0bo on DeviantArt
  • Gunslinger bg1 by gamefan84 on DeviantArt

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