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While much of the world was in slave wars between nations and realms, in the lower Tevanial mountains of what is now Kaxakroal, bordering Freyholt, a Chyas Gouvr, named Brraan Marrowwen began studying the orbits of the alru and roia, and then developed a calendar from them.

A new year begins when Merroi eclipses Verroi. The light show of a white sun with a golden ring around it.

A month is based on the orbits of Onalru and Pualru.

A week is based on Vialru.

Kaalru was apparently not in orbit at the time Marrowwenn created his calendar.

check out the clock and calendar in 3D


All time pieces are required to be magically imbued to automatically set the correct time at the New Years Crossing of Merroi in front of Verroi, at the Burst. Therefore, all time pieces have exact time of the year at the longitude the piece was located on at the Burst.

Time Measurement

  • 1 Sec (0.6 Earth seconds)
  • 100 Sec per Min (60 seconds, or 1 minute)
  • 100 Min per Hour (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • 10 Hours of Roidd and Illedd (16 hours 40 minutes of day and night)
  • 5 days per week (measured by a Full Vialru at Low)
  • 27 days per month (measured by a Full Onalru at Low, and an empty Pualru at High on the other side of the world)
  • 16 months per year
  • 433 days per year (measured by the smaller Roia lining up in front of the larger Roia) (600 Earth days)

Indication of Time

  • Before High (BH) 2`50 (2 hours, 50 minutes)
  • Past High (PH) 4`85`30 (4 hours, 85 minutes, 30 seconds)
  • Before Low (BL) 2`50
  • Past Low (PL) 4`85`30
  • Use Before/Past High during day, and Before/Past Low at night.



Days of the week

(old days of the week become weeks of the month)

(new days of the week)

("vi" refers to Vialru, and therefore better fits to orbits of Vialru and a week, while "Roidd" is the word for day)



The image to the right displays the alignment of the Roia on the first day of each month.


  • Saraest - When Merroi is at its closest.
  • Ocraest - As Merroi pulls away and the temperatures drop, heavy snows after the rains of Saraest
  • Tassaest - When Verroi is at its closest.
  • Ocrtaest - As Verroi pulls away and the temperatures drop, dry and cold.