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Every world has a history, some longer than others. The history of the AUAK is no less long; it dates back through the eras of progress of the last 1500 years; there are splotchy records through the thousand year Great Kaatyclyzym--as the quaking was so violent so often that little time for writing took place--; much of the history from before the GK was lost during the fires of the GK, but it told of war and slavery for more than 5,000 years; Before these wars, all races lived in the Uun or deep Auriese, as the surface was too cold to support life comfortably for an estimated 100,000 years--based on estimates of the AUAK and Roia orbiting Illek, and pulling away from the galactic disk and its radiated heat. 

Ten thousand years from now, the system will once again find itself freezing for another 100,000 years.

Current Year: BM3885/AGK1522

Eras of Histroy: