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In the beginning, the writer said, "Let there be a world with four moons orbiting two stars orbiting a black hole outside a galaxy." And it was so, and it was good.

Then the writer said, "Let the world have four levels: the surface of land, the underground, the waters, and the sky." And it was so, and it was good. The writer called these level "Avel, Uun, Auriese, and Kaya," together it would be known as the AUAK.

The writer called the moons Alru, and named them Vialru, for Law, Onalru, for Good, always opposite of Pualru, for Evil, and lastly Kaalru, for Chaos.

The stars, the writer called Roia, and named them Merroi and Verroi, the White Mother and Golden Father

The Mother and Father protect the AUAK from Death, from the black hole the writer called Illek, The Devourer.

Then the writer decided that many races should inhabit the AUAK, and that they should strive to work in cooperation with one another. But the characters did not agree with the writer, they chose to fight amongst each other, and so the writer tried to force the characters to cooperate.

And thus begins the story of this world.

What it is

The AUAK Chronicals (purposefully spelled that way), is a set of stories and tabletop role-playing game set in the custom world called 'Avel`Uun~Auriese~Kaya', created by Dan Williams. This Wiki represents a portion of all that I have created and organized for this world. And it is always a work in progress; it is a huge undertaking to create an entire world, especially a world with eleven layers (from the black hole to the center of the world....*spoilers*).

It began in 2005, and has changed dramatically over the years. I've spent most of my time working on the maps, recreating over and over and over and over. So many of my maps are still blank; when you're trying to create 273 maps, it takes a while. Well, actually, I'm doing 16384 maps......and each of those maps with two to four layers of civilizations. The maps are in four resolutions, starting with A000000, with the B level containing 16 maps (4x4), and each of those divided into 16 (4x4) for C level. Then I have rendered a D level which divides each C map into 64 maps (8x8). And still, these D level maps are too large to show city streets or terrain details; plus the program can't generate high enough detail, best editing resolution I can get is 1px≈4² miles. Eventually, if this expands towards publication, I'll hire a bunch of people to detail the maps fully. Or I'll just figure out how to make a 3D world and turn this into a video game...

The Setting and Characters

Just outside of the Milky Way Galaxy is a small black hole, called Illek. On the edge of its accretion disk, (Illek's Meal), are two stars: the Roia, called Merroi and Verroi). Within the habitable zone of the binary system lies a world with four moons; the world and its moons do not orbit the Roia, but is locked between the Roia and Illek, the world and Roia orbit Illek together. The moons, called the Alru, are named Onalru, Pualru, Vialru, and Kaalru. The world is called AUAK. The Avel is the surface of all lands. The Avel is joined with the Uun, all that which is underground. The Auriese is all large bodies of water, the water's surface and it's depths. The Kaya is the sky, all that is above the world's surface, above the land and sea; there are islands floating in the sky called Kayav, some of which are hundreds of miles across.

There are many races which inhabit the various parts of the world. These include Humons, Valswyn, Hhorq, Selans, Chyas, Hobb, Gar, Ndourin, Kaarln, Dempu, and Undead. These are each divided into several subraces, and even those are divided further. There are thousands of different types of plants, animals, and other beasts.

Magic is prevalent around the world, many of the cities are constructed using magical means of shaping wood, and stone. Technology is growing in the world. Airships fly between the Kayav and the Avel. Some cities are built out of giant gears which provide energy to every building in intricate clockwork systems. Variable Rate Repulsion Rotary Magnetic Motors propel ships (air and sea) and horseless carriages around the world. Though there are still many places in the world with considerably less technology and societal structure: there are many Wildlings. Gold, silver, marble, and gemstones are prevalent in architecture and high fashion. Many of the major cities have streets made of cut bricks of white stone, while buildings are white marble. Smaller cities and towns may still have dirt roads and wood buildings.

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