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There are several great societies, or cultures, around the AUAK. From wildlings that live in forests, off the land, to the advanced society of the Gears, diversity and range of technologies make this world an especially unique place.

Primary Cultures

  • Alrunn - Those who follow the path of the Alru
  • Auriesiann - Those who live on or under the water.
  • Drrajkinn - Closely associated with the Dragon.
  • Eburinn - Civilized forest dwellers
  • Gears - Mechanically advanced society
  • Illienn - Those who follow the path of Illek
  • Kayann - Sky dwellers: airships, skyislands
  • Ocrinn - Snow dwellers
  • Roal - The combination of Roiann and Alrunn
  • Roiann - Those who follow the path of the Roia
  • Tasmurinn - Desert dwellers
  • Uundinn - Those that live in the Uun, the underground
  • Wildlings - Uncivilized nomads



Called Dragwans, these hexagonal coins resemble dragon scales depicting the Dragon Marchess on one side and the Swan Marchess on the other along with the coin's currency value, as well as etching of the Alru in various positions and faces. Onalru and Pualru are always in opposite corners, and, the smaller, Vialru can be on any of the six corners, potentially the same corner as Pualru or Onalru. The larger alru, Kaalru, could be anywhere on the coin. The positions usually represent the night in which the coin was made.

[conversion rate: 1cp=0.1D, 1sp=1D, 1gp=10D, 1pp=100D]

  • Green Dragwan - 0.1D, and 0.5D (often called in "Greens;" i.e.: 1 Green, 3 Greens, 5 Greens, etc)
  • Copper/Brass Dragwan - 1D
  • Black Dragwan - 2D
  • Blue Dragwan - 5D
  • Silver Dragwan - 10D
  • Red Dragwan - 20D
  • Gold Dragwan - 50D
  • White Dragwan - 100D
  • Glass Dragwan - 1`000D