Not Dead Yet

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Not Dead Yet is the first book of the main series told within the world of the AUAK.

In the story, a man comes home after a long journey to find out that his whole town thought he had been murdered while away. Mystery grows as secrets are kept along a journey back to the scene of the crime and the search for the would-be assassin and the identity of the real victim.


The first two chapters introduce the world on New Years Eve 3884, by the Brraan Marrowwen Calendar, at the groundbreaking ceremony for a huge city-bridge between two nearby continents, and onto a ceremony remembering those who died during the year. On New Years Day, as the two suns align, the Great Race begins, a race to traverse the four known levels of the world.

After the race ends, we find ourselves back in time several months, and on the other side of the world, in the tiny town of Berryshire Town in the middle of a vast valley of wildflowers.

But the not-dead Griegg Capita is not the only one in town with mysteries arising within their lives. A dream and a medallion brings a stranger into a tight-knit group of friends, forces a family reunion, and takes them all on a journey to the big city to catch an airship across the continent. But airship travel is rarely simple. More mystery and excitement await on the skyisland where Mr Capita had been framed as a victim. Then another journey half way around the world to a fight with a dragon.




Intro Characters

  • Eternal Matthew Clevell - Viewed as the Greatest of the Eternals, powerfully psychic
  • A small Caitian - in the audience at the groundbreaking ceremony, owner of local Shiny Things franchise
  • A Hobbot - in the audience at the groundbreaking ceremony.
  • Old Valswynn - a former student of Matthew Clevell
  • Angry ship captain - captain of a ship destroyed on a mission issued by Matthew Clevell, has suffered a great loss

Great Race Characters

Main Characters

  • Griegg Capita - The man not dead yet, the stable master at Aurie View Lodge in Berryshire Town,
  • Arûn Bwein - The struggling young hobbot trying to understand life and gain control of his abilities
  • Raain Beau - The strong woman, dancer, martial combat artist
  • Nik Worther - The stranger with unexpected ties to the town
  • Tedd Delgado - The Fox
  • Lemon - Tedd's horse
  • Talûr Kaxa - overweight Avgar bartender at Aurie View Lodge
  • Nira Kaxa - Talur's wife, the baker at Aurie View Lodge
  • Nabal - village idiot, accident-prone, has reincarnated too many times
  • Frederick Bæzel - Monk at Mayheart Sanctuary, a close friend of Raain from her days at the Sanctuary
  • The Librarian - The librarian
  • Jerricho Twist - lead singer of the house band at Aurie View Lodge
  • Turvin - Hairy beast passing through town
  • The Train Man - magically powerful gnome that rides a magical train.
  • Gregory Basil Landry - Private Investigator working on Griegg Capita's non-murder