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It's been 1500 years since 1000 years of quakes ended, and 1000 years since relative world-wide peace was achieved. There are islands in the sky; underwater and underground civilizations abound. Airships and horseless carriages powered by spinning magnet-lined drums are new technologies, and magic is prevalent. Friendly competitive sports are a cornerstone of civilization. But not all is as it seems.

The Avel`Uun~Auriese~Kaya

The AUAK is a "ringed" world with four moons, and two stars, orbiting a black hole outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. The AUAK is so-named for the four levels of the world: Avel, Uun, Aruiese, and Kaya (I keep going back and forth between Kaya and Kæa). The ground surface, the underground, the oceans, and the air and sky-islands. The four moons, or Alru, are Onalru, Pualru, Vialru, and Kaalru. The stars are called the Roia, and they are named Verroi and Merroi. The black hole is called Illek.

A000000v23 - 3D.png

This is a so-far solo project that I've worked on occasionally. There is a lot here and a lot of empty space that I need to fill.

Equatorial Spin

Polar Spins

A month of Alru Orbits


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